Online Student Orientation

If it is your first semester as a fully online student, you are required to complete the Online Student Orientation course through Blackboard prior to meeting with an Academic Advisor. Please check your FIU email account regularly as you will be informed via email when the course has been made available to you. You will have ample time to complete the orientation prior to the registration end date.

After you have completed the Online Student Orientation, you can contact your Academic Advisor through the My_eAdvisor dashboard on to discuss which courses you should enroll in. You will then be able to register for your courses at the time of your enrollment appointment.

In addition to the Online Student Orientation, you will also receive access to the Blackboard Learn Introduction Course. This course will be available on the first day of the semester and will provide you with general information on navigating through the Blackboard Learn environment. There is no need to complete the entirety of the Blackboard Learn Introduction Course prior to advisement.

The Online Student Orientation is available only to those students enrolled in one of the fully online degree programs. If you are taking face to face courses on campus, you are still required to register to attend one of the face to face orientations held at MMC or BBC.

If you believe you should have gained access to the orientation course already, or have any other questions regarding the above information please contact your Enrollment Coach at

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