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Quality Matters

What is Quality Matters (QM)?
Quality Matters (QM) is a faculty-centered, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online and blended courses. QM is a leader in quality assurance for online education and has received national recognition for its peer-based approach and continuous improvement in online education and student learning. The Quality Matters Rubric is research supported and promotes best practice-based quality standards and procedures. QM subscribers include community and technical colleges, colleges and universities, K-12 schools and systems, and textbook publishers.

Quality Matters at FIU Online
As part of our continuous effort to improve the quality of our online courses, FIU Online subscribes to Quality Matters, Inc. and is implementing it to ensure online courses meet nationally recognized standards in quality assurance. The goal is to certify online courses offered at FIU Online.

QM Training

The Quality Matters Rubric Training is intended for instructors, instructional designers and administrators who wish to understand more about the QM Rubric and the process of using the QM Rubric to review online courses. Please complete the form below to request a QM training:

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Submit a Course

After you have taken the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric training and consulted with your Instructional Designer you may be ready to formally submit your course for the Quality Matters peer review. To start the QM review process fill out the application below.

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QM Certified Courses

QM Certified Courses
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2016 QM Recognized Courses

Course Title Faculty Developer Instructional Designer
EEL5807 Advanced Ethical Hacking Alexander Perez-Pons Shara Gonzalez
HSA6155 Health Policy and Economics Min Chen Karina Gomes
HSA6156 Economic and Decision Analysis in Health Services Min Chen Karina Gomes
PAD4723 Applied Research Methods for Policy & Management Donna Comrie Lergia Olivo
PAD5934 Strategies for Effective Public Communication Michael Brown Lergia Olivo
PHC6315 Introduction to Environmental Health Alok Deoraj Nina Crutchfield
TCN5030 Computer Communications and Networking Technologies Deng Pan Shara Gonzalez

QM Certified Courses
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2015 QM Recognized Courses

Course Title Faculty Developer Instructional Designer
ACG3024 Accounting for Managers and Investors Pablo Simon Randall Beaver
ADE5386 Individual Learning and Adult Education Antonio Delgado Erika Huezo
CLP4314 Psychology of Health and Illness Rachel Ritchie Claudia Fernandez
COM3230 Crisis Management Joann Brown Jaime Young
COM3417 Communication in Film Joann Brown Jaime Young
COM4022 Healthcare Communication Joann Brown Jaime Young
COM4124 Organizational Change Joann Brown Jaime Young
COM4310 Research Methods in Communication Arts Joann Brown Jaime Young
EEL5718 Computer Communication Networks Kemal Akkaya Shara Gonzalez
EEX6796 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners Elizabeth Cramer Stephanie Delgado
EIN5226 Total Quality Management for Engineers Karen Schmahl Shara Gonzalez
EIN5332 Quality Engineering Karen Schmahl Shara Gonzalez
ENC1101 Writing and Rhetoric I Darrel Elmore Chuany Kouloukas
ENL4320 Shakespeare's Histories James Sutton/Kenneth Johnson Eric Simon
FIN3403 Financial Management Bakhtear Talukdar Sky King
HSA3412 Cultural Competency in Health Sciences Chanadra Whiting Jorge Blanco
HSC3537 Medical Terminology Chanadra Whiting Jorge Blanco
IDS3336 Artistic Expressions in Global Society Joann Brown Jaime Young
MAN4065/RPCA1145 Business Ethics Jaime Franco Kathleen Bulger
MAN4720 Strategic Management Seema Pissaris Kathleen Bulger
MAN4720 Strategic Management Stav Fainshmidt Ivan Rodriguez
MAR4711 Sports Marketing and Sponsorship.  Christopher Allen Sky King
NUR3145 Pharmacological Basis for Nursing Practice Audrey Miller Jorge Blanco
PAD3438 Communication Skills for Policy and Management Michael Brown Lergia Olivo
PAD4046 Values, Ethics, and Conflict Resolution Mary Lou Pasternac Lergia Olivo
PAD6056 The Practice of Public Management Mohamad Alkadry Lergia Olivo
SPC3210 Communication Theory Joann Brown Jaime Young
SPC3230 Rhetorical Communication: A Theory of Civil Discourse Joann Brown Jaime Young
SPC3602 Advanced Public Speaking Joann Brown Jaime Young
TSL4324/TSL4340/TSL5361 ESOL Issues and Strategies for Content Area Teachers Aixa Perez-Prado Stephanie Delgado
WST3015 Introduction to Global Gender and Women's Studies Michaela Moura-Kocoglu Tomas Prieto

QM Certified Courses
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2014 QM Recognized Courses

Course Title Faculty Developer Instructional Designer
ACG3081 Applied Accounting Principles Ruth Mc Ewen Jessica Rodriguez
ACG3301 Accounting for Planning and Control Assma Sawani Sky King
ACG3343 Cost Accounting I Jimmy Carmenate Matt Acevedo
ACG4501 Governmental and Institutional Accounting Allison R. William Kathleen Bulger
ACG6026 Accounting for Managers Krishnamurthy Surysekar Jessica Rodriguez
BSC1010 General Biology I Sat Gavassa Claudia Ortega
BUL4310 The Legal Environment of Business Wendy Gelman Jessica Rodriguez
CCJ3024 The Criminal Justice System Juan Saiz Drew Golburgh
CCJ3666 Victimology Carleen Vincent-Robinson Drew Golburgh
CCJ4694 Human Trafficking Suman Kakar Drew Golburg
CJL3512 The Courts Juan Saiz Drew Golburgh
COM3003 Human Communication Joann Brown Jessica Rodriguez
COM3110 Business and Professional Communication Joann Brown Jessica Rodriguez
COM3120 Organizational Communication Joann Brown Jaime Young
COM3135 Managerial Communication Joann Brown Jaime Young
COM3150 Advanced Communication for Business Joann Brown Jaime Young
COM3404 Nonverbal Communication Joann Brown Jaime Young
COM3461 Intercultural/Interracial Communication Joann Brown Jaime Young
COM4430 International Business Communication Joann Brown Jaime Young
COM4462 Conflict Management Joann Brown Jaime Young
COM4620 Communication on Ethics Joann Brown Jaime Young
DSC4012 Global Terrorism Alexander D. Casas Maikel Alendy
ECO2013 Principles of Macroeconomics Badi Sabet Daniel Cespedes
ECO2023  Principles of Microeconomics Badi Sabet Daniel Cespedes
ECS3431 Economics of the Caribbean Irma T. Alonso Nathalie Molina
EDF6636 Intercultural Studies: A Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis Meg Gardinier Erika Huezo
EDF6658 Selected Topics in International Development Education: Current Policy Issues Meg Gardinier Erika Huezo
EDG3321 General Instruction Decision Making Stephanie Delgado Stephanie Delgado
EDP3273 Child Development Laura Dinehart Erika Huezo
EEC3204 Issues in Early Childhood Education Laura Dinehart Erika Huezo
EEC3400 Family Literacy and the Young Child Daniela Foerch Jessica Rodriguez
EEX3070 Teaching Students with Exceptionalities in Inclusive Settings Liana Gonzalez Stephanie Delgado
EEX6796 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Exceptional Learners Elizabeth Cramer Stephanie Delgado
ENC1102 Writing and Rhetoric II Darrel Elmore Chuany Kouloukas
ENC3213 Professional & Technical Writing Maheba Pedroso Chuany Kouloukas
ENL4321 Shakespeare's Comedies Kenneth Johnson Cyntianna Ortega
ENT4113 Introduction to Entrepreneurship Nestor Villalobos Ivan Rodriguez
EUH2030 Western Civilization: Europe in the Modern Era Josue Rey Chuany Kouloukas
EXP3523 Memory & Memory Improvement Janat Parker Chuany Kouloukas
FIN4303 Financial Markets and Institutions Deanne Butchey Kathleen Bulger
FIN4502 Securities Analysis Edward Lawrence Nora Thompson
FIN6406 Corporate Finance Edward Lawrence Muneerah Al-Asfour
FIN6406 Corporate Finance Deanne Butchey Nora Thompson
HFT4474 Managerial Accounting for the Hospitality Industry Pablo Simon Randall Beaver
HFT6280/HMG6280 Globalization and Competitive Methods of Multinational Hospitality Companies Myongjee Yoo Randall Beaver
HSA6176 Health Care Finance & Reimbursement Carl Goff Jessica Rodriguez
IDH3034/4007 Honors Seminar V: Aesthetics, Values, and Authority Irma T. Alonso Nathalie Molina
IDH3035/4008 Honors Seminar. Exploration in Research: Women's Issues Irma T. Alonso Nathalie Molina
IDS4920/LIT4930 Lib Studies Colloqui & Special Topics Kenneth Johnson Eric Simon
INR2001 Introduction to International Relations Anjana Mishra Chuany Kouloukas
INR2001 Introduction to International Relations Michelle Munroe Claudia Fernandez
INR3081 Contemporary International Problems Anjana Mishra Chuany Kouloukas
JST3505 Introduction to Jewish Cultures Oren Stier Daniel Cespedes
LAH3200 Latin America: The National Period Emma Sordo Chuany Kouloukas
MAN4064 Crisis Management Adam Owenz Matthew Acevedo
MAN4301 Human Resource Management Emmanuele Archange Matthew Acevedo
MAN4633 MNC Strategy Albert Razon Sky King
MAN4720 Strategic Management Seema Pissaris Kathleen Bulger
MAN4720 Strategic Management Stav Fainshmidt Ivan Rodriguez
MAN6245 Organizational Behavior Nancy Borkowski Jessica Rodriguez
MAN6245 Organizational Behavior Samantha Paustian-Underdahl Jessica Rodriguez
MAN6327 High Involvement Human Resource Management Nathan J. Hiller Karina Gomes
MAN6359 Knowledge Management Kevin Brown Joshua Rees
MAN6385 Human Resource Strategy and Planning Carolina Gomez Jessica Rodriguez
MAN6501 Operations Management Deisell Martinez Jessica Rodriguez
MAN6726 Strategic Management Curba M. Lampert Karina Gomes
MAN6830 Organization Information Systems Weidong Xia Jessica Rodriguez
MAN6974 Master's Project in Management Jean Gordon Jessica Rodriguez
MAR4203 Marketing Channels Yi Ju (Vivian) Chen Sky King
MAR4354 Marketing Yoursellf in Todays Competitive Environment Kimberly Taylor Kathleen Bulger
MAR4400 Personal Selling Nancy Rauseo Karina Gomes
MAR4400 Personal Selling Rafael Soltero Karina Gomes
MAR4503 Consumer Behavior Jessica Rixom Karina Gomes
MAR4643 Decision Making and Negotiations Kimberly Taylor Kathleen Bulger
MAR4860 Customer Relationship Management Nancy Rauseo Karina Gomes
MAR6508 Consumer Analysis in Emerging Markets Alexandra Aguirre-Rodriguez Jessica Rodriguez
MAR6805 Marketing Management in the Global Environment Walfried Lassar Jessica Rodriguez
MHS5350 Educational/Vocational Counseling Adriana McEachern Erika Huezo
MHS6700 Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Counseling Maureen Kenny  Erika Huezo
MMC4200 Media Law and Ethics Juliet Pinto Laura Lubin
NGR6538 Psychopharmacology for Advanced Practice Nursing Florence Keane Surfraz Bhanji
NGR7769 Patient Safety and Quality Improvement in Healthcare Derrick Glymph Surfraz Bhanji
NGR7871 Health Care Informatics Maite (Maria) Garrido Surfraz Bhanji
NUR3821 Professional Nursing Leadership-Concepts and Issues. Elizabeth Azutillo Maikel Alendy
NUR4667 Nursing in Global Health Care System Paula Ellen Seidel Glass Maikel Alendy
PAD4934 Integrative Seminar in Public Administration Agatha Caraballo Lergia Olivo
PET3640 Adapted Physical Education Farrah Wolfson Stephanie Delgado
POS3064 Federalism & Intergovernmental Relations Sara Moats Enrique Obando
RED4100 Emergent Literacy Daniela Foerch Stephanie Delgado
REL3075 Magic and Ecstasy in New Religions Erin Weston Daniel Cespedes
RTV3007 Introduction to Television Michael Sheerin Laura Lubin
SPC2608 Public Speaking Joann Brown Jaime young
SPC3301 Interpersonal Communication Joann Brown Jessica Rodriguez
SPC3425 Small Group Communication Joann Brown Jaime Young
SPC3540 Persuasion Joann Brown Jessica Rodriguez
SPC3711 Gender and Communication Joann Brown Jaime Young
SPC4445 Communication and Effective Leadership Joann Brown Jaime Young
SSE4380/SSE5381 Developing a Global Perspective Flavia Iuspa Stephanie Delgado
SYA4010 Sociological Theories Katherine Lineberger Patricia Delgado
SYP3456 Societies in the World Katherine Lineberger Eric Simon
TAX4011 Taxation of Corporations Teresita L. Brunken Karina Gomes
TCN4081 Telecommunication Network Security Alexander Perez-Pons Shara Gonzalez
TCN5080 Secure Telecommunication Deng Pan Shara Gonzalez
TRA4721 Global Logistics Carlos Parra Karina Gomes
VIC3400 Visual Design for Globalized Media Elio Arteaga Laura Lubin
WOH2001 World Civilization Josue Rey Chuany Kouloukas

Qm Certified courses 2013
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2013 QM Recognized Courses

Course Title Faculty Developer Instructional Designer
ACG3301 Accounting for Planning and Control Jimmy Carmenate Mathew Acevedo
ACG6255 International Accounting Ruth Ann McEwen Jessica Rodriguez
ARH2000 Exploring Art Roxana Cocina Felson Thomas-Watson
BUL4310 The Legal Environment of Business Thomas Tarangelo Jessica Rodriguez
BUL4310 The Legal Environment of Business Wendy Gelman Jessica Rodriguez
BUL6810 Business and the Legal Environment Wendy Gelman Oscar Vega
BUL6850 International Business Law Wendy Gelman Jessica Rodriguez
CJJ3010 Juvenile Justice Rosa Chang Drew Golburgh
CCJ4014 Criminological Theory Suman Kakar Drew Golburgh
CLP4374 Psychotherapy Lisa Arango Cinthya Gutierrez
DEP3305 Psychology of Adolescence Rachel Ritchie Nathalie Molina
DEP4014 Psychology of Parenting Elizabeth Rhodes Chuany Kouloukas
ECP3254 Women, Men and Work in the USA Irma Alonso Nathalie Molina
EDP3004/5053 Educational Psychology Melody Whiddon Patricia Delgado
ENC1102 Writing and Rhetoric II Diane Mooney Chuany Koloukas
ENG2012 Approaches to Literature Kenneth Johnson Cyntianna Ortega
EVR3013 Ecology of South Florida Seema K. Sah Lergia Olivo
FIN4324 Commercial Bank Management Catalina Hurwitz Sky King
FIN4486 Financial Risk Management Helen Simon Shannon Walker
FIN4604 International Financial Management Antonio Figueiredo Sky King
FIN4651 Latin American Financial Markets and Institutions Raul Moncarz Shannon Walker
FIN4744 Financial Crime Badi Sabet Daniel Cespedes
FIN6406 Corporate Finance Edward R. Lawrence Jessica Rodriguez
FIN6446 Competitive Strategy Min Chen Oscar Vega
FIN6644 Global Financial Strategies Ali M. Parhizgari Shannon Walker
HFT3403/HFT2401 Financial Accounting for Hospitality Management Pablo Simon Martha Carias
IDS4920 Love and Desire Kenneth Johnson Cyntianna Ortega
LBS5485/LBS3480 Fundamentals of Conflict Resolution Judith Bernier Cyntianna Ortega
LBS5155 Workplace Diversity Judith Bernier Cyntianna Ortega
MAN4301 Human Resource Management Marc Weinstein Matthew Acevedo
MAN4583 Project and Productivity Management Stoyanka Petrova Bernadette Chung
Karina Gomes
MAN6316 Human Resource Management Metrics Angela Heavey Joshua Rees
MAN6317 Critical Thinking in Human Resource Management Yvonne Lievano Martha Carias
MAN6336 Rewards Systems Management Kevin Brown Joshua Rees
MAN6606 International Business Environment Carolina Gomez Jessica Rodriguez
MAN6626 International Human Resources Management Clifford Perry David Palmer
MAN6617 Managing Global Productions Christopher Ellis Jessica Rodriguez
MAN6633 Strategic Management in MNC Alfonso Lovo Joshua Rees
MAN6635 International Business Policy David Wernick Joshua Rees
MAR3023 Marketing Management Yi Ju (Vivian) Chen Sky King
MAR4156 International Marketing Elisabeth Beristain Bernadette Chung
MAR4323 Integrated Marketing Communication Elisabeth Beristain Bernadette Chung/Karina Gomes
MAR6158 International Marketing Peter Magnusson Sky King
MHS6427 Adult Psychopathology Maureen Kenny Erika Huezo
NUR3119 Professional Nursing: Concepts and Issues Elizabeth Azutillo Maikel Alendy
NUR3668 Nursing Leadership in Global Health Elizabeth Azutillo Maikel Alendy
PAD3003 Introduction to Public Administration Agatha Caraballo Lergia Olivo
PAD4704 Applied Statistics for Policy and Management Agatha Caraballo Lergia Olivo
PAD5934 Contemporary Issues in Public Administration Michael Brown Lergia Olivo
PCB3063 Genetics Helena Schmidtmayerova Claudia Ortega
QMB3200 Application of Quantitative Methods in Business Stylianos Drakatos Martha Carias
SOP2772 Psychology of Sexual Behavior Susan Dubitsky Cinthya Rojas
SOP3004 Introduction to Social Psychology Ryan Winter Cinthya Gutierrez
SOP3015 Social and Personality Development Melody Whiddon Patricia Delgado
SOP4842 Legal Psychology Nadja Schreiber Compo Patricia Delgado
SPN1130 Spanish I Marie Guiribitey Patricia Delgado
SPN1131 Spanish II Marie Guiribitey Patricia Delgado
SYD4700 Sociology of Minorities/Race & Ethnic Relations Katherine Lineberger Patricia Delgado
WOH2001 World Civilizations Brian Peterson Chuany Kouloukas

QM Certified Courses 2012
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2012 QM Recognized Courses

Course Title Faculty Developer Instructional Designer
BUL4320 Business Law I Wendy Gelman Jessica Rodriguez
CCJ4034 Crime Documentaries Ryan Charles Meldrum Lucas Canning
CJL5421 Legal Issues in Criminal Justice Admin. Rosa Chang Lucas Canning
CPO4034 The Politics of Development and Underdevelopment. Nicole Warmington Cinthya Gutierrez
DEP2000 Human Growth and Development Maria Reid Cinthya Gutierrez
DEP3305 Psychology of Adolescence Sabrina Des Rosiers Cinthya Gutierrez
ENC1101 Writing and Rhetoric 1 Diane Mooney Chuany Kouloukas
ENC3213 Professional and Technical Writing Diane Mooney Chuany Kouloukas
FIN3105 Personal Investment Management Jim Keys Jessica Rodriguez
FIN3140 Personal Financial Management Jim Keys Jessica Rodriguez
FIN4604 International Finance Deanne Butchey Martha Carias
FIN4604 International Financial Management Qiang Kang Joshua Rees
FIN4634 International Banking Badi Sabet Daniel Cespedes
HCMBA Write-to-Learn (W2L) Ariel C. Gil Martha Carias
IOT1101 Introduction to Online Teaching Allison Miner Mimi Lezcano/Erika Huezo
LAH2020 Latin American Civilization Emma Sordo Chuany Kouloukas
MAN3025 Organization and Management Clifford R. Perry David Palmer
MAN4102 Managing Diversity Jack Kleban Bernadette Chung
MAN4633 MNC Strategic Simulation Jack Kleban Bernadette Chung
MAN6095 Management of Healthcare Organization in the 21st Century Jean Gordon Joshua Rees
MAN6157 Wellness Management Marc Weinstein Matt Acevedo
MAR4503 Consumer Behavior Cecilia Alvarez Jessica Rodriguez
MAR4613 Managing Marketing Information Cecilia Alvarez Jessica Rodriguez
MAR4620 Tools for Managing Marketing Information Cecilia Alvarez Jessica Rodriguez
MAR4403 Sales Management Rafael Soltero Bernadette Chung
MAR6805 Marketing Management in the Global Environment Cecilia Alvarez Oscar Vega
NUR3666 Evidence-Based Nursing and Research Florence Keane Surf Bhanji
QMB3200 Business Statistics Gladys Simpson David Palmer
SLS1501 First Year Experience Cinthya Gutierrez Cinthya Gutierrez
STA2023 Statistics for Business and Economics Florence George Elizabeth Ferris
STA2023 Statistics for Business and Economics B.M. Golan Kibria Elizabeth Ferris
STA3111 Statistics I Florence George Elizabeth Ferris
STA3123 Introduction to Statistics II Dongmei An Elizabeth Ferris
SYD3804 Sociology of Gender Katherine Lineberger Patricia Delgado
SYO3120 Medical Sociology Katherine Lineberger Patricia Delgado
SYO3400 Marriage and the Family Katherine Lineberger Patricia Delgado

QM Certified Courses
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2011 QM Recognized Courses

Course Title Faculty Developer Instructional Designer
ARH2050 Art History Survey I M. Stephanie Chancy Felson Thomas-Watson
ECS3021 Women, Culture and Economic Development Irma Alonso Teri Goodchild
EDF3251 Classroom Management Maria Vazquez Randall Beaver
EDF5481 Foundations of Educational Psychology Melody Whiddon Elizabeth Ferris
MAR4804 Marketing Strategy Cordelia Abreu Jessica Rodriguez
MUH1011 Music Appreciation Luis Gomez Felson Thomas-Watson
PPE3003 Theories of Personality Melody Whiddon Elizabeth Ferris


What is Quality Matters (QM)?
QM is a set of standards and a peer review process that FIU Online has adopted to ensure quality of the design of its fully online courses.

Who’s doing it?
Higher education and K-12 institutions nationally and internationally are implementing the Quality Matters rubric and process. A complete list of subscribers in higher education can be found on the QM resources website

Is QM certification required to teach with FIU Online?
This depends on your department. Some departments require it while others encourage it. Check with your department chair for details. However, we encourage you to seek certification to ensure the quality of your online course.

How do I prepare myself to certify the quality of my fully online course?
Attend a training sessions with our QM expert and consult with your instructional designer.

What are the standards used to assess online courses?
There are 43 specific standards categorized under eight general standards:

  1. Course Overview and Introduction

  2. Learning Objectives (Competencies)

  3. Assessment and Measurement

  4. Instructional Materials

  5. Course Activities and Learner Interaction

  6. Course Technology

  7. Learner Support

  8. Accessibility and Usability

Who developed the standards?
The Quality Matters Rubric is based on a review of the literature, the expertise of experienced practitioners, and best practices in online education. The Quality Matters Rubric is revised and updated every two years to stay abreast of the latest research in online education.

Do I have to meet every standard to meet expectations?
No, courses do not have to be “perfect." QM certifies courses based on an 85% level of compliance with the standards.

How do I know if my course is ready for QM submission?
Your course is ready for submission once you have the following criteria:

  1. You have taken the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric training.

  2. You have taught the online course at least once.

  3. You have applied the QM standards in the online course to be reviewed.

How do I submit a course for QM review?
You can submit a course review by visiting our QM submission page.

How long does the QM Review last?
The entire review process may take place over a maximum period of 20 weeks. However, it usually takes the peer review team approximately four weeks to conduct the actual review and made a decision for certification.

Who is on the team that reviews my course?
A peer-review team consists of three faculty members. At least one of those faculty members will be a subject matter expert. Every Quality Matters peer reviewer has extensive online teaching experience and has been trained and certified by QM to conduct peer reviews. At FIU Online all the reviewers used are external (from other institutions of higher learning).

What are my responsibilities during the review process?
As the faculty course developer, you will complete the Instructor Worksheet, a document that describes your online course for the peer-review team. The peer-review team and you will use it during a pre-review conference call so that you may explain your course and any concerns. After the pre-review conference call, you are not involved in the peer-review process except to field questions the reviewers may have.

Will the review take place in my live course?
No, the review will take place in a copy of the course so that reviewers do not have access to any student data. You, your instructional designer, and peer-reviewers will have access to a copy of the course in Blackboard.

How will the reviewers access my course?
FIU Online will create guest accounts for the peer reviewers.

What happens if my course meets Quality Matters expectations?
After a course has met QM standards, it is recognized by Quality Matters and the “QM Recognized” seal can be displayed within your online course. Your course will be displayed/recognized at the QM website and FIU Online website. Your department chair and dean will receive an email notice. FIU Online has a revenue sharing agreement with each of the departments at FIU, and you may be eligible to receive an honorarium for gaining QM certification. Check with your department for details.

What happens if a course does not meet expectations?
The QM process is designed so that all courses will eventually meet expectations. If a course does not meet expectations upon initial review, the faculty course developer receives detailed feedback from the peer-review team and has the opportunity to revise the course. Your instructional designer can assist you. The revised course is then re-submitted to the peer-review team chair for approval.

How long does the QM certification last?
The QM recognition expires after five years.

If I have questions related to Quality Matters, whom do I contact?
You can contact your instructional designer or the T&L team at FIU Online.