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NBC Learn

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Juliet Pinto, Ph.D., a professor in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication discusses how she uses NBC Learn to facilitate student discussion in the course on complex and legal concepts.

Students use NBC Learn to research defamation cases in the news, either current or historical, and write a discussion post about the merits of the case, discussing it in terms of current U.S. defamation law. The goal is for students to find a newsworthy case, but discuss it as a legal expert, therefore combining legal knowledge with a media focus.

Why NBC Learn?
NBC Learn provides an extensive archive of news that reaches back over almost 100 years, together with constantly updated current events. It also comes from one of the most trusted sources of information, NBC News. Students can be sure the information they are reading, has been vetted by professional journalists and editors. Instructors seeking an easy-to-use tool to access a rich news archive in their own classes as something that will enhance class discussion should definitely utilize NBC Learn.

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