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Wikis for Research Assignment

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Agatha S. Caraballo, Ph.D., a professor in the Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs, discusses using the Wiki tool for student progress on their final term paper. Students are asked to submit draft entries for the different sections of their final term paper and Prof. Carabllo provides them with feedback.

As part of their semester-long term project, students are asked to identify and address a real-life problem affecting a public sector organization. Students provide draft sections of the term paper as periodic entries into a personal Wiki page. The draft sections are as follows: 1) Identify a specific problem and public organization; 2) Provide background info on the organization; 3) Provide background info on the problem; 4) Summarize the literature review; and 5) Provide recommendations and conclusion.

Why wikis?
Blackboard Wikis allow students to easily construct a draft of their final paper and integrate the instructor’s specific feedback. Although the assignment is individual, it allows the student to engage with the material throughout the semester as opposed to waiting until the last minute to prepare their final paper. Instructors can use this tool to track student progress on a project.

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