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New Features in Blackboard Available Fall 2014

For Fall 2014, we are excited to announce new features and enhancements for our Blackboard Learn environment:

Student Preview

The new Student Preview feature in Blackboard allows an instructor to experience their course exactly how a student would. This is way more than just a ‘dummy’ student account. This new feature is a full fledged student account that is automatically enrolled in your course so you see exactly what your students see. You can take quizzes, submit assignments, post to discussion boards, blogs, etc. The new Student Preview feature can be found right next to the Edit Mode button.

Learn more by watching Blackboard’s Quick Hits Video about Student Preview.

fall2014 student preview

fall2014 student preview page


Portfolios empower students to showcase their academic achievements and provide instructors a view of students’ work completed over time and outside of an individual course. With the new Blackboard Portfolio tool, students can now effectively present their information in an easy to use, personalized format. Below are some other features that come with Blackboard Portfolios:

  • Blackboard Learn Assignments can now accept portfolios as an assignment submission. They can then be graded inline, all from within the Blackboard Learn environment.

  • The Portfolios tool provides step-by-step guidance on how to create a portfolioregardless of technical know-how. Therefore, anyone can easily create a feature-rich portfolio.

  • Authors can choose from different layouts and color palettes to fully customize their portfolio.

Learn more on Blackboard’s Help page for Portfolios.

fall2014 portfolio

fall2014 portfolio student


SafeAssign is Blackboard’s tool to prevent plagiarism and to create opportunities to help you identify how to properly attribute sources rather than paraphrase. SafeAssign compares your submitted assignments against a set of academic papers to identify areas of overlap between the submitted assignment and existing works. With the new Fall release of Blackboard, SafeAssign is now integrated with Blackboard Learn Assignments. Enhancements were also made to the SafeAssign Originality Report.

Learn more on Blackboard’s Help page for SafeAssign or by watching Blackboard’s Quick Hits Video about SafeAssign Integration.

fall 2014 safeassign

Want to learn how to start using these tools?

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