Self-Assessment Quiz

This assessment is designed to provide you with information about your possible success in an online course.

For each question, select the answer that best matches your abilities. You will be given an assessment when you click submit.

Yes     No 1.
I am comfortable using and learning technology that is new to me.
Yes     No 2.
Do you have access to a computer and Internet service?
Yes     No 3.
If you do not have access to a computer or Internet service, are you able to get to a source or make arrangements to use a computer at least two or more times per week?
Yes     No 4.
Do you know how to check, send, and receive e-mails?
Yes     No 5.
Do you know how to use the "copy" and "paste" functionalities and use them from a word document onto an e-mail message?
Yes     No 6.
Do you know how to create, send, and view attachments, download files, and install software on your computer?
Yes     No 7.
Are you proficient using a PC or MAC applications that include word processing, audio, video or other files?
Yes     No 8.
If you experience any problems with your computer, are you able to troubleshoot it quickly or are able to find the information quickly to get it operational again?
Yes     No 9.
Do you have a strong need to take online courses due to difficult lifestyle needs (family, work, commute, or personal schedule)?
Yes     No 10.
Do you manage your time efficiently, checking periodically for pending items, and often complete assignments on time?
Yes     No 11.
Do you usually find it difficult to read and understand a textbook without help?
Yes     No 12.
Are you willing to commit 6-8 hours per week (any time during the day or night) towards a course?
Yes     No 13.
Are you self-motivated, self-disciplined and able to work on your own?
Yes     No 14.
Do you feel that high-quality learning can take place only with face-to-face discussions in a traditional classroom?
Yes     No 15.
Do you find it difficult to communicate effectively in writing?
Yes     No 16.
Are you willing to "speak up" when you have a question?
Yes     No 17.
Do you prefer working in groups rather than independently?
Yes     No 18.
Are you open-minded about sharing your work, life, and educational experiences as part of the learning process?

Evaluating Your Score:
Your score for these questions: out of 18

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