MS - Adult Education and Human Resource Development

Program Overview
The Online Master of Science degree program in Adult Education and Human Resource Development (MS/AEHRD) is designed for individuals who are, or want to serve as instructional designers, trainers, human performance consultants, career consultants, program coordinators, directors of non-profit agencies, community school administrators, outreach professionals in workforce development, community and technical colleges, and/or researchers. These professionals often analyze, design, implement, or manage adult education programs and/or human resource development (HRD) programs.

This program is designed for working professionals though full time students are also welcome. The full program can be completed in five terms or two years. To complete the program in two years a minimum of two courses should be taken each term. If a student begins in a Fall term in an even numbered year then one term the student will need to take three courses. If a student begins in a Fall term in an odd numbered year then two terms the student will need to take three courses.

Program Curriculum

Semester Offered Course Number - Name Credits
(even years) ADE 5386 - Individual and Adult Education 3
(odd years) ADE 6186 - Comprehensive Program Evaluation in AE/&HRD 3
(even years) ADE 6260 - Management of AE/HRD Programs 3
(odd years) ADE 6945 - Internship in AE/HRD
Note: ADE 6945 cannot be taken during a student's first term; no exceptions.
(odd years) ADE 5383 - Instructional Analysis and Design
Note: ADE 5383 must be taken before ADE 6286; no exceptions.
(odd years) ADE 5387 - Organizational Learning and Human Resource Development 3
(odd years) LBS 5155 - Workplace Diversity (cross listed with ADE 6195)  
(even years) ADE 6360 - Adult Teaching Methods 3
(odd years) ADE 6476 - Computer Based Training 3
(even years) ADE 6286 - Instructional Development and Implementation
Note: ADE 5383 must be taken before ADE 6286; no exceptions.
(even years) ADE 7571* - Consulting as an AE&HRD Process
Note: Either ADE 7571 or ADE 6180
(odd years) ADE 6180* - Organizational/Community Processes
Note: Either ADE 7571 or ADE 6180
Offered each semester
EDF 5481 - Foundations of Educational Research 3

Suggested Course Sequence

Begin Fall even numbered year

Fall Even Spring Odd Summer Odd Fall Odd Spring Even
ADE 5386 ADE 5387 ADE 6180 ADE 5383 ADE 6286
ADE 6260 LBS 5155 EDF 5481 ADE 6186 ADE 6476
      ADE 6945  

Begin Fall odd numbered year

Fall Odd Spring Even Summer Even Fall Even Spring Odd
ADE 5383 ADE 6286   ADE 5386 ADE 5387
ADE 6186 ADE 6476 EDF 5481 ADE 6260 LBS 5155
  ADE 7571   ADE 6945  

Course Descriptions

Students differentiate learning theories related to teaching adults, contrast characteristics of adults relative to youth, and evaluate the implications of these relative to adult learning situations.

This course incorporates development of a comprehensive strategy for evaluating complex educational, training, human resource and organizational development programs.

This course is composed of analyzing regulations affecting adult education/human resource development, selecting and training staff; selecting organizational patterns; executing managerial responsibilities; administering supportive services; relating training to organization development.

This course is required. Internship in organizations are according to students' needs & interests. Supervisory visits & conferences are periodically conducted. Prerequisites: ADE 6180, ADE 6260, ADE 6286 or permission of the instructor.

This course includes analyzing models for instructional analysis and design. Identifying the target population, instructional needs, job and task analysis. Developing learning objectives and related design. Prerequisites: ADE 5386, or ADE 5387, or permission of the instructor.

Developing rationale and philosophy of human resource development and understanding theories of workplace and organizational learning. Understanding and applying models of organizational learning.

Students will investigate the impact and scope of diversity in workplace environments and develop strategies to utilize it. They will examine the theoretical debates surrounding the workforce participation of women and minorities as well as the historical position of these groups in the labor force. Through an analysis of management and equity theories, students will explore social phenomena that contribute to the continuation of discriminatory practices and ways trainers can respond to such issues. These practices will be framed within a systemic pragmatic analysis. Using a training perspective we will investigate programmatic and organizational considerations through the multiple lenses of race, class and gender.

Students explore adult teaching philosophy and methods and prepare to teach in a variety of adult learning environments such as higher education, community education, ABE, TESOL and adult literacy. Prerequisites: ADE 5386 or permission of instructor.

This is a basic course in computer based instruction and training which includes the application of instructional design to CBT, and proficiency in an authoring software. Prerequisites: ADE 5383 and working knowledge of personal computers are recommended.

The course includes the following: 1. A systematic approach to developing instructional materials and strategies appropriate to adult and organizational needs and 2. Implementation strategies including instructional delivery skills for adult learning. Prerequisite: ADE 5383 or permission of the instructor.

This course includes examination of use of internal/external consultation in organizations and strategies for making entry diagnoses interventions achieving internalization of processes outcomes.

This course analyzes human resource and community development programs, the processes and implemental strategies; needs assessment objectives, curricula, recruitment, implementation, and evaluation.

Admission Requirements

  • You need to have a baccalaureate degree and an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale in upper-division coursework.

  • A personal statement, 500 words or less, describing your personal and professional goals.

  • Complete and current resume listing educational and professional preparation and employment background.

  • Two letters of recommendation from individuals who can knowledgeably assess and describe your leadership potential and ability to perform graduate-level work. At least one reference, and preferably two, must be from an academic source such as a former professor. (We are aware, however, that for some graduate students returning years after completing their undergraduate degrees this can be difficult. In this case three professional references will do.)

Submit the required documents listed above to:
Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
11200 SW 8th St.
ZEB 313
Miami, FL 33199
Phone: 305.348.3418

Application Procedures
The program admits students for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Go to to complete the graduate application and pay the application fee.

Send transcripts from all institutions attended to :
Florida International University, Graduate Admissions Office
11200 SW 8th St.
PC 231
Miami, FL 33199.
Phone: 305.348.7442

Accessing Online Courses
Please visit FIU Online to access your online courses and receive more detailed information about current course offerings in our FIU Online Course Catalog.

For additional information you can visit the FIU - College of Education website.

Support for Online Courses
For program information please contact:
Program Leader: Tonette S. Rocco
Phone: 305.348.6151

FIU Online Support Services
11200 S.W. 8th Street
Modesto A. Maidique Campus
Ryder Business Building, RB 358
Miami, FL 33199
Telephone: 305-348-3630
Toll Free: 1-877-3-ELEARN

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