Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance

The Finance Undergraduate Degree program offers students the opportunity to pursue or further develop careers in finance. The combination of in-depth study in a wide range of courses and elective options, will prove attractive to employers because of the breadth of the degree.

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Program Overview
The undergraduate Finance Major Online is designed to provide you with the opportunity to earn an undergraduate degree in finance completely through online sections.* The finance major online is dedicated to ensuring that you complete the program with a winning portfolio of knowledge and skills in the profession.

You will be exposed to the latest technology in the field and to enhancing your ability to gather and analyze information quickly and effectively. Upon completion you will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for success in post-graduate studies in all areas of business.

This major will emphasize solid theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of:

  • Banking

  • Corporate finance

  • Investments

  • Portfolio management

  • Financial risk management

  • Financial engineering

  • Financial institutions and markets

  • International finance

Major requirements include:

  • Intermediate Finance

  • Financial Markets & Institutions

  • Commercial Bank Management

  • Financial Risk Management

  • Securities Analysis

  • International Finance or International Banking

Program of Study
Please visit the College of Business Undergraduate Student Services site for the plan. Pre-core courses and general education requirements must be completed before enrolling. It is highly recommended that you see a CBA advisor prior to enrolling in the undergraduate Finance Major Online.

During your program of study you will have access to FIU Online Support Services, who will provide you with academic support and guidance. There are various modes of contact you can use to communicate with our support team to have all your questions answered.

Visit the future students section in our website and find out if online learning is right for you! Try out a course and find out what computer requirements are required, how to get you started, and how much it will cost?

Tuition and Fees

Florida Residents Enrolled in Fully Online Programs

Florida Residents enrolled in the above fully online bachelor's programs pay standard university tuition ($157.36 per credit hour), a Student Financial Aid Fee ($5.25 per credit hour), as well as the Distance Learning Fee ($53.33 per credit hour). The total cost (tuition plus fees) for a 3-credit course is $647.82. Please note, tuition and fee amounts vary by term and all amounts stated above are based on the Fall 2013 tuition and fee schedule and are subject to change. Students enrolled in a fully online bachelor's degree program at FIU will not be charged many of the fees applicable to on-campus students, saving fully online student hundreds of dollars per semester. Please note, fully online students do not have free access to FIU's on-campus resources such as: computer labs, sporting events, recreational facilities, parking, etc.

Non-Florida Residents Enrolled in Fully Online Programs

Non-Florida Residents enrolled in the above fully online bachelor’s programs pay $333 per credit, which is $999 per 3 credit course. This special discounted tuition for this fully online program saves Non-Florida Residents over $1000 per 3 credit course when compared to Non-Florida resident students taking online courses outside of this program. Apply now to take advantage of this special rate.

Many of the fees charged to on-campus students are not applicable to fully online students because many of these fees are waived, saving the non-Florida resident student hundreds of dollars per semester. Please note fully online students do not have free access to FIU's on-campus resources such as: computer labs, sporting events, recreational facilities, parking, etc.

More Information

To learn more about the Finance Undergraduate Online Degree Program or to get answers to any questions you might have, call 305.348.3125 or 1.855.FIU.ONLINE, email us at, Contact an Enrollment Advisor or Live Chat now!

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