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Fall 2014 - Welcome

Thank you for taking the time to read the Fall 2014 edition of the FIU Online Insider. We encourage you to explore this newsletter and learn about our latest updates and additions to our online degree programs and learning tools.

Quality Matters has released the fifth edition of their Quality Matters Higher Education Rubric. The new version of the rubric includes new or added standards regarding technological requirements, accessibility, learning objectives, etc. The best ways to learn about the updates to the rubric are to attend the Quality Matters Rubric Workshop, or by contacting your Instructional Designer.

In this edition’s Industry Buzz we feature some great articles about developing the sense of an online community in your course using collaboration tools and unique forms of assessment. If you have adapted your face-to-face course to an online environment, we highlight a great article discussing strategies for catering your course to a learning management system. We also feature an article discussing the modular course design and the benefits to adopting this style to your course, in addition to some other useful articles.

FIU Online recently hosted its first ever “2.0 Tomorrow” event. 2.0 Tomorrow honored the faculty and staff involved in the recent launch of FIU’s 2.0 program which allows students to complete an undergraduate degree without ever needing to step on campus. Various awards were given to the founders of the program. We have recordings of the event for those who were unable to attend.

Did you know that there are two dedicated librarians available to assist you and your online students? Take a look at our “Did you know: Digital Librarians” section in order to find out more information. We also highlight Blackboard’s Outcomes and Portfolios tools which allow users to monitor how a course might meet various accreditation standards, or showcase their work over the range of the semester.  Be sure to check out our “What’s New” section in order to learn about Blackboard’s new Bb Grader app. This app is a great tool for grading assignments with your iPad. We also feature the new SafeAssign tool and the new Student Preview modes which have recently been added to our Blackboard platform.

Be sure to take a look at the Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) section to find out how their online service can improve your students’ performance in your course. If you notice that a student suddenly declines in productivity or quality of work, or exhibits alarming and strange behavior, the CAPS service might be a great service to recommend.