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Join FIU Online as we take a deeper look on how Analytics and Course Design can be applied to influence Student Success.

If you are a FIU faculty teaching online or you are interested in teaching fully online courses, this conference will benefit you and we encourage you to attend.


_Areas of interest

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a – Analytics

Discovery of meaningful patterns in data to understand the factors influencing student performance.

d - Design

Create instructional experiences by adopting a variety of tools and strategies in which promote student engagement.

s2 - Student Success

Integrate the use of Analytics and Course Design to develop strategies that promote student success

_Conference Speakers

Jeffrey Ma 2015 FIU Online Conference Speaker

Meet Jeff Ma...

As a member of the infamous MIT Blackjack Team, Jeff Ma created an ingenious method for counting cards—using talent, creativity, math, and teamwork to win millions in Las Vegas. (Card-counting, by the way, is not illegal; casinos just don’t like it). Ma was the inspiration for the best-selling book Bringing Down the House and the hit movie, 21, which topped the box office in its first two weeks. Ma shows companies how to harness the power of numbers to make better bottom line business decisions; decisions that, often, are the difference between winning and losing. Read More...

Juliette LaMontagne 2015 FIU Online Conference Speaker

Meet Juliette LaMontagne...

TED fellow Juliette LaMontagne is pushing education further—outside of the classroom. A former New York City high school teacher, LaMontagne is the founder of Breaker, a social innovation program in which "legions of underestimated young people with new insights to old problems” use design solutions and entrepreneurial savvy to address our biggest social challenges.


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