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Canvas Analytics

Instructors can see the analytics for a course to track and analyze what students, observers, and/or designers are doing within the course. Analytics work in conjunction with course statistics.


In course analytics, there are four main sections:

  • Activity  allows the instructor to see when students view a page or participate in the course.
  • Submissions  allows the instructor to view if students submit the assignment on-time, late, or not at all.
  • Grades  use a box and whisker plot to show the distribution of grades in the course.
  • Student Analytics  will show how well a student is doing in your course. You can view when an assignmnet was due, if and when they submitted to it, and the grade given. 

Use course analytics to:

  • Predict how students react to course activities.
  • See which students are at-risk and need help.
  • View how effective your teaching strategies are in allowing students to learn.
  • See a quick view of what your students are achieving in your course.

Review Canvas Analytics Doc for instructions on how to use Course Analytics in Canvas. You may also watch Course Analytics video which will go over  how to find and view course and student statistics and analytics in Canvas. 

Canvas Logs and Reports

In addition to the Canvas Analytics mentioned above, below are some additional logs and reports provided by Canvas which may prove useful for reviewing student activity within your course.

  • Quiz Logs - The quiz logs can be used to view the status of your student quizzes. This feature is designed to help you investigate problems that a student may have in the quiz. Quiz logs are retained for six months.
  • Interaction Report - This report allows you to see and evaluate the interactions between you and those enrolled in your course. You can also see which items are still ungraded per user.
  • Access Report - You can see a summary of user participation in your course and see the total number of times a user accessed a page.