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Meet the Student Success Team

Success Coaches help FIU Online students adjust to their new fully online learning experience. We help our students create a plan to work towards their goals, while maximizing the resources and services available to them. Here are some of the topics we review in our coaching conversations:  

  • Learning How to Succeed Online
    • Time Management
    • Study approaches
    • Organizational Skills
    • Communication Support
  • Connecting to University Resources
    • Tutoring
    • Online librarians
    • Career Services
  • Goal Setting & Professional Development
  • Coaching through Course-Related Struggles

Martha Campos

Success Coach

Martha Campos is a Student Success Coach who works with fully online students. While being a proud panther alum, Martha fell in love with FIU and everything it has to offer. She finds education to be what empowers individuals. Martha is pursuing her master’s degree in Higher Education Administration and hopes to continue to help students throughout her professional career.

Contact: macampos@fiu.edu

Janessa Guzman

Success Coach

Janessa Guzman is a proud FIU alum and holds both a bachelor's degree and master's degree from FIU. She believes in supporting and encouraging her students to reach the goals they have set for themselves. Knowing the hard work and dedication it takes to complete an online degree while juggling other life obligations, Janessa is passionate about being a strong support system for fully online students. She ensures that the students she coaches have what they need to succeed. Even during her off time, Janessa is a coach! She has been a cheerleading and dance instructor for a traveling competition cheer and dance program for over 16 years.

Contact: janguzma@fiu.edu

Eduardo Leon

Success Coach

When not playing basketball or coaching youth athletes, Eduardo Leon enjoys using his coaching background to help FIU Online students have the best and strongest educational experience. In his role, he supports fully online students to ensure they are able to succeed as they pursue their degrees.

Contact: edleon@fiu.edu

Jennifer Lopez

Success Coach

Jennifer Lopez is a Student Success Coach at FIU Online dedicated to supporting fully-online students in their college experience. She draws her knowledge and passion for learning from being a FIU Panther herself. Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s degree, and is currently pursuing a Master’s, from Florida International University.

Contact: jennlope@fiu.edu

Stephanie Pacheco

Success Coach

As a prior FIU Online student, Stephanie Pacheco recognizes the importance of having a strong support system while taking an online degree and is enthusiastic about helping students succeed through their entire education to graduation.

Contact stpachec@fiu.edu

Eatheana West

Success Coach

Eatheana West is a Student Success Coach who works with fully online students to educate, empower and engage them in their educational journey at FIU. Eatheana believes education changes lives, and she is dedicated to providing the resources and support many students need to successfully complete their degree. Eatheana holds an master's degree in counseling and psychology from Troy University.

Contact: ewest@fiu.edu

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Your Success Team

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about success coaching or if you are looking for your coach, contact us. Once you are connected with your coach, the two of you will:

  • Collaborate
  • Figure out what you are looking for
  • Talk about strategies for success
  • Share experiences
  • Get to know each other