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Tips on how to work in an online group

Below are some tips that will making working in an online group easier and more efficient.

Tip #1: Exchange contact information. Once you’ve been assigned a group, reach out and exchange your contact information with every member of the group. Ask how they prefer to be contacted (phone, email, text, etc) and find out where they live, schedule constraints and time zone differences.

Tip #2: Get to know your group members! Share information about your work experiences, education, interests skills, strengths/weaknesses, etc. This will help when deciding who should be assigned what portion of the assignments or presentation.

Tip #3: Decide on a team lead. This person will be in charge of keeping everyone on the same page, oversee all work, facilitate decisions, communicate with the professor, etc. The team lead should also be the only one submitting group assignments to the professor.

Tip #4: All responsibilities should be divided according to the strengths of each group member. Each group members brings something unique to the table. Make sure each one is working on something they excel at.

Tip #5: As a group, discuss and decide on your group guidelines. Guidelines should include how you will communicate, how decisions will be made, timelines for completing the work and rules for missing milestones, how to deal with group members who don’t fully contribute, etc. Put these guidelines in writing so you can refer back to them if issues arise.

Tip #6: Pull your weight. Everyone in the group should contribute equally to the assignment or project. Communicate regularly with your team members so everyone is on the same page.